Headline Filters offer a wide choice of elements for all types of filtration duty, the choice of material of construction would depend upon the nature of the fluids to be filtered and process temperatures.


  • Complete removal of submicron solid and liquid contaminates
  • Economical fully disposable bonded microfibre elements
  • Reliable filtration of corrosive of highly absorbent gases
  • High flow rates, low pressure drops
  • Suitable for gas and liquid applications

Headline disposable filter elements are manufactured from precise mixtures of borosilicate glass microfibres, to the very highest standards of quality control.

These elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drops and, being 90+% void volume, give very long service life.

The elements are self-gasketing and easily sealed into the housing by axial compression.

The elements are bonded to impart high strength and eliminate fibre shedding.  The choice between the different binders available will depend upon the application conditions.

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Stainless steel filter elements are made up of several layers of 316 mesh that are sintered together to form an integrated porous element. The middle mesh is of very fine gauge and determines the filtration efficiency of the elements. This layer is then overlaid with inner and outer layers of coarser mesh, to give support and protection.

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PTFE filter elements are produced by sintering pure PTFE granules, no other substances are used in the construction. These filter elements are usually offered when only 100% pure PTFE can be used. It is normally preferable to offer a K type disposable filter element, if suitable, as both pressure drop and life characteristics are superior to the PTFE elements. The advantage of PTFE is a higher maximum temperature, up to 200°C, and somewhat better chemical resistance. These filter elements should be ultrasonically cleaned to give best results.

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