Extensive Housing Range

Headline filter housings and elements are suitable for a wide variety of gas applications for both particulate removal and coalescing or liquid aerosols.

The comprehensive range of filter housings enables greater flexibility for customers, with a wide choice of standard designs in a variety of materials. The development of new products is customer driven, with engineers working closely with OEM customers and end-users to produce products which exactly meet the specified requirements.

Custom Made Specials

Special housings and filter elements designed and produced in line with customer requirements and specifications are available.

Filter Applications

Filter housing configuration will depend on the filtration duty. To select the correct filter housing the following information is required:

  • Pressure and temperature of the gas at the filter housing
  • Chemical & physical composition of gas
  • Contaminants to be removed
  • Type of filtration duty: inlet, particulate, coalescing or fast loop
  • Flow rate, line size and level of filtration required
  • Relative importance of cost, response time, ease of service and interval

We will be pleased to help you select the best solution for you application needs.