Flame arrestors, also known as flashback arrestors, act as safety devices by preventing flammable gases from burning back to the supply source in case of accidential ignition in welding torches, gas cabinets, and gas analyzers.


  • Gas analyzers in combustible atmospheres
  • Acetylene gas welding torches


  • Process Control, Monitor & Safety
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Manufacturing Equipment

Our highly-engineered custom sintered porous metal assemblies are a popular choice for flame arrestors as they allow precise gas flow control while providing a mechanically sound media to quench the flame front. Sintered porous metal flame arrestors provide a cost effective solution for high volume devices, especially for applications that require the prevention of a flame in the event that an intense explosion occurs. Our flame arrestors are also compliant with ATEX, FM, UL, CSA, and other standards and directives.

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