The Genie® Regulator Accessory Manifold consists of a Genie® Manifold with the following optional parts attached: pressure gauge, ball valve, and relief valve. It is designed to thread directly into any Genie® Membrane Probe Regulator or Genie® Regulator and provides a means to monitor regulator outlet pressure and block flow.

It’s straight-through sample flow path, minimal dead volume, and low internal volume make it Analytically Correct and help to preserve sample integrity.


  • Monitors regulator outlet pressure
  • Blocks regulator outlet flow
  • Relief valve protects gauge from over pressure
  • Helps preserve sample integrity
  • Helps improve safety


  • Minimal dead volume and surface area
  • 1/10th the volume of a 1/4″ NPT cross fitting
  • Compact, Analytically Correct design