ACES™ Analytically Correct Engineered Sample Systems are A+ Corporation’s innovative approach to gas and liquid analytical sampling.

Gone are the days of getting a sample system suited to a general group of users. The advantage of the ACES™ system is that it can be specifically tailored to the user’s application. It provides exactly what you need without the inflated costs of unnecessary equipment.

With the ACES™ line of custom sample systems, you get a sample system designed with fully independent components. This modern design is unlike any other sample system on the market today. It allows you the easiest installation, operation and maintenance.

Some of the exclusive system features include:

  • Hands Free Monitoring: Easily monitor sample conditions on centrally located connections at a glance without removing either enclosure side.
  • Removable Enclosure: Access a full 360° of internal components with our two removable vertical enclosure sides independent of the system.
  • 360° Access: Easily maintain and retract probe without disturbing internal conditioning components. We have the only sample system in the market that is mounted to enclosure coupling, not probe.

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Some of Our Popular Sampling Solutions

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