While laboratory work is critical in the field of natural gas sampling, a good deal of data measurement occurs away from the confines of research facilities. One example of field testing includes spot sampling of gas streams. Using equipment specifically built for use in the field can help organizations save money and improve gas sample quality. Doing so will maximize the accuracy and speed of their data collection.

Genie® 701 Portable Sample System is a simple, safe and quick solution to provide a representative vapor phase sample from a pressurized line. This system is designed to produce an Analytically Correct™ sample for gas analysis in association with a portable gas analyzer or gas chromatograph for quick results.

The ACES Analytically Correct™ sample conditioning components and sample conditioning systems are carefully designed to avoid altering of sample stream fluid compositions during passage through the system. This process conforms to current API 14.1 and GPA standards. Characteristics include low internal volume, essentially no dead volume, and rapid fluid composition equilibrium.

Genie® 701 Portable Membrane Sample Probe

We provide an Analytically Correct™ membrane tipped sample probe for insertion inside a pipeline vessel.  Our exclusive Pressure Balance™ technique allows for effortless insertion of the probe without the need for additional tools or pneumatic and hydraulic methods. Easily insert the sample probe through any ½” full opening valve by simply turning the handle with your fingertips. The probe’s lightweight stainless steel design makes it ideal for use as a spot or portable analyzer sample probe.

Genie® Heated Pressure Regulator

Connecting either of our analytical pressure regulators will prevent condensation of the sample gas due to Joule Thomson (JT) cooling during the pressure reduction process of high dew point gases or due to low operating temperatures. Single stage and four stage heated pressure regulator options available.

Genie® Regulator Accessory Manifold

This low volume Genie® manifold was designed specifically for the gas industry. Typical manifold configurations usually consist of a pressure gauge, ball valve, and component relief valve.  Designed to thread directly into any Genie® Regulator, our manifold provides a means to monitor pressure regulator outlet pressure and block flow.

Kozy Insulator

This high temperature lined blanket insulates the area around the sample point, valves, sample probe and pressure regulator to maintain a consistent temperature for sampling. Doing so will minimize day and night temperature cycling with can cause erratic gas analysis. Available in many sizes, our line of insulators is flexible enough to cover many different sample system configurations.

Sample System Protection Case

This durable, water resistant carrying case further protects the components, serves as storage area for connection fittings, and allows for more convenient transportation between sample locations.

Power Cord

Sold Separately.