The Genie® Vaporizer is designed for flash vaporization of sample liquids. Sample liquid is maintained below its bubble point pressure and temperature until it enters the flash chamber where it is instantaneously vaporized.

Heat for vaporization is transferred from an electrical cartridge heater to a low volume flash chamber having a very large heat transfer surface area. The flash chamber is designed to maintain a homogeneous sample vapor composition. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the chamber, resulting in longer heater life and efficient vaporization without partial fractionation.

The net result is a uniform flow of homogeneous sample vapor that is representative of the liquid sample composition. Anyone can easily regulate the pressure of the vapor sample after proper vaporization has occurred. Vaporizing pressure regulators typically do not provide the conditions required for proper vaporization of liquid sample due to the lack of flash vaporization capability and insufficient heat exchange capacity.

The Genie® Vaporizer has five times more heat transfer capacity than vaporizing regulators. Higher temperature controller also available. Contact factory for more information.


  • Delivers a homogenous vaporized flow rate representative of the liquid sample
  • Excellent temperature control
  • No premature flashing or partial fractionation
  • Installation flexibility
  • Fail-safe with max temperature of 380°F


  • High capacity electrical cartridge heater
  • Discrete hot and cold zones
  • Continuous liquid bypass
  • Versatile conduit and bypass connections
  • Proportional temperature controller